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The Gong Show


Broadcast History: June 14, 1976 to July 21, 1978, NBC Daytime; September 1976 to September 1980, Once-a-week-syndication

Hosts: Chuck Barris, Gary Owens
Announcers: Johnny Jacobs, Jack Clark
Executive Producer: Chuck Barris
Producer: Gene Banks
Director: John "The Fox" Dorsey
Musical Director: Milton Delugg
Packager: Chuck Barris Productions
Distributor: Firestone Program Syndication Company
Studio: NBC Studios, Burbank, California


Main Game: Basically a talent show. A performer(s) enters the stage and performs his/her/their act, whether it be singing or anything else, right up to the end of their act. However, if at anytime they get interrupted in the middle of their act, they got gonged by one of the three judges. Should the performer(s) survive the ordeal, they will get judged by the judges. Each judge ranks an act from 0 to 10, with a total ranging from 0 being the lowest to 30 being the highest. At the end of the show, the winning act is announced and that winner gets $516.32. (Sometimes more in the nighttime show.)


Some of the regular and semi-regular judges on The Gong Show included Arte Johnson, Jaye P. Morgan, and Jamie Farr.

A one-hour primetime special aired on NBC in April 1977.

Before hosting the nighttime Gong Show, Gary Owens was the announcer on NBC's Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In from 1968 to 1973.

The Gong Show also featured the unusual and occasional talents of "Gene, Gene the Dancing Machine" and "The Unknown Comic".